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VoCare for Medical Providers

VoCare®, a medical device company has developed a purpose built medical multi-diagnostic designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. 

Introducing VoCare’s Vitals360® , designed with the needs of the  mobile clinician in mind. Vitals360 is the world’s FIRST cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled multi-vital diagnostic device utilizing Android® OS, which acts as its own hub as well as its own tablet/phone capable of routing time and location stamped vitals to several different solutions. 

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Vitals360 Features

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The Vitals360 is the FIRST professional grade mobile medical diagnostic device with ALL the
features listed below:

Blood Pressure

Clinically validated to measure your BP and heart rate. 


Test results from capillary blood samples.

Touchless Thermometer

Accurate reading of body temperature.

Pulse O2

Easily reads your blood oxygen and pulse in seconds.


Keeping your heart monitored at the touch of a button.


Entered manually or automatically through Bluetooth.

3 Distinct Modes for Maximum Versatility

Whether it is utilized by a single test user or at the Point of Care or being distributed by the provider to the patient for remote patient monitoring, the Vitals360 (R) is the all-in-one tool that improves efficiency, helps with Medicare audits, reduces Medicare fraud, reduces human errors, reduces overall cost, reduces readmissions, and increases patient adoption & satisfaction.

The only tool you will ever need.

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Single Test Mode

This mimics standard medical devices. The Vital360 can be used without patient registration, as a convenient multi-diagnostic device for spot checking by all healthcare providers.


Point of Care Mode

Mobile point-of-care solution that allows nurses to document patient data directly into the EHR from the device in realtime. This mode can be used by a healthcare provider workforce caring for multiple patients.


Remote Patient Monitoring

This mode is a daily monitoring tool for a single patient. The Vitals360 is simple enough for any patient to use on his or her own, remotely providing a picture of a patient’s overall health on a single device.

Free HIPAA Compliant Provider Management Tool with
Cloud Storage

 With Vitals360® there is no need to keep manual records since the readings are sent directly to the HIPAA compliant cloud for storage and review.

An Easy to Use Online Portal for the Patient and/or Family

 With Vitals360® patients and designated family members can easily access health data in the secure portal on any computer or mobile device.


Efficiency, customer satisfaction, fraud prevention, risk reduction, are a few of the advantages that VoCare offers. We are shifting trends and concerns in the Healthcare environment, while bringing value and peace of mind to patients and their families.

Contact Us

Let us know if you need more information about VoCare or Vitals360. We will get back to you promptly.

Address: 8888 Keystone Crossing, Suite 1300 Indianapolis, IN 46240 

Phone: 1-317.973.1003

Email: questions@vocare.com 


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