VoCare Philosophy

Payers began reimbursing for RPM and Telehealth so physicians can provide better care and lower the overall cost of care by improving health and intervening early when health starts to decline, before patients end up in the hospital.

To get this benefit, physicians must identify and monitor the patients who are likely to end up in the hospital. These are the sickest patients. We can identify them by seeing which patients spend the most money. This is like trying to drive a car by looking in the rear view mirror. Claims information on who spent the most money is at least three months old. Furthermore the top 10% change every year.

An alternative approach is to monitor patients with multiple chronic illnesses. People with 6 or more chronic conditions make up 14% of the Medicare population and account for 46% of all Medicare spending. One strategy to generate savings would be to monitor the patients with 6 or more chronic conditions. There are other approaches to saving money using RPM. All of them involve monitoring large numbers of patients, so monitoring efficiency is important.

Remote patient monitoring and telehealth

Our Vision

To weave a web of family, friends, and health care professionals around people with chronic illness so they can live better, happier lives and never feel they are alone.

VoCare is the nexus of caring that makes this possible.

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Complimentary and Safe for use by Existing RPM Companies

  • Reduce total monitoring costs by lowering the complex deployments and device management.
  • Greatly expand market to smaller groups and individual physicians, with an easy to deploy RPM platform
  • Allows utilization of healthcare provider’s own app on a device that is easy to use and provides real time vitals to a patient’s own doctor.

Value to Existing Telehealth Companies

  • Transforms the market from existing low acuity acute care provided by a stranger, to acute and chronic care provided by the patient’s own physician.
  • Provides real time vitals into the telehealth system or EMR used by the provider.
  • Provides telehealth companies with two-way video communication with patients.
  • Massively increases the volume of services provided by telehealth.
  • Provides RPM services for acute and chronic illnesses.

Vitals Needed by Telehealth Visit Type

HOW Vitals360 Connected Device WORKS Two Options

Vitals360® is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, Multi-diagnostic WIFI, 4GLTE device.
Built with Qualcomm Snapdragon and Gobi to enable ability to connect to wireless networks.

Vitals360® contains Bluetooth enablement for ease of connecting additional peripherals as a centralized hub for transporting integrated data as a single comprehensive dataset to the cloud for a given patient, thereby promoting ease of interoperability for integration to additional clinical systems.

Vitals360® device is solution agnostic; data can be easily integrated with other software solutions available on the market for robust dashboards, monitoring and analytics as desired


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