About VoCare

About VoCare

VoCare®, a medical device company has developed a purpose built medical multi-diagnostic designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. 

Introducing VoCare’s Vitals360® , designed with the needs of the  mobile clinician in mind. Vitals360 is the world’s FIRST cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled multi-vital diagnostic device utilizing Android® OS, which acts as its own hub as well as its own tablet/phone capable of routing time and location stamped vitals to several different solutions, such as:

  1. The VoCare® free HIPAA compliant cloud platform for mobile clinicians, patients and their families: Home healthcare agencies using the device as a mobile point of care (POC) device or as a mobile remote patient monitoring (RPM) tool can give their patients the option of choosing which family members or providers can review their medical dashboard.
  2. Other remote patient monitoring solutions/ Other provider management tools: Remote Patient Monitoring Companies and Managed Care Organizations serving a select population of chronic care patients utilize the Vitals360® via a simple SDK to connect the device directly to their management solution, without the necessity for the VoCare® cloud platform. The Vitals360® eliminates the need for extra peripherals, hub and tablet; and sends the time and location based vitals directly to their solution/management tool to lower their cost and simplify their deployments.

By capitalizing on two trends: the need to provide better care at lower cost, and the innovation in mobile, connected devices to provide timely clinical care, VoCare® emerges as the sole and complete solution the industry requires for large scale deployments at the lowest cost of ownership.


The VoCare Vitals360® is the FIRST:

  1. device capable of being used as BOTH a point-of-care tool and a remote patient monitoring device
  2. multi-vital diagnostic capable of taking 6 different vitals
  3. diagnostic device which acts as its own stand-alone hub- no external hub needed
  4. device acting as its own Android® tablet/phone- no external tablet/phone needed
  5. diagnostic device with GPS location and time stamp recorded with data and sent directly to the provider’s management tool or the VoCare® HIPAA compliant cloud for storage and review by clinicians as well as designated family members. The VoCare® solution was built to drive efficiencies and help with Medicare audits.

All of these new features, never before seen in a single medical device, will elevate the provider into the next level of care and payment models.

VoCare Mission Statement

“Our mission as the world’s leading innovator of connected multi-functional diagnostic devices is to seamlessly support providers with actionable patient data in a manner that will increase efficiencies, reduce errors and improve patient care while lowering overall healthcare cost.”

VoCare Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s premier leader in connected multi-functional medical diagnostic solutions by continuing to partner with providers and emerging technology companies to meet the ever-changing needs of the medical community.

Vitals360 The Most Efficient Device in Your Toolbox!

The Vitals360 is the FIRST professional grade mobile medical device with ALL the
features that you need.

Check it out!

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