With FDA Clearance, VoCare is free to launch initial sales and marketing programs at VoCare.com

VoCare’s CEO Ben Park, MD envisions immediate and long-term applicability for monitoring chronic conditions. “The Vitals360® device improves patient care while reducing costs and is poised to revolutionize Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth through its unique ability to provide real-time patient vitals to healthcare providers.” 

VoCare’s Vitals360® is a professional-grade diagnostic tool that combines multiple biometric measurements into a single hand-held Android OS mobile device. The VoCare Vitals360® is FDA510(k) cleared, FCC approved, and supports Telehealth. Vitals360® collects vitals as a stand-alone device or can communicate the readings to a cloud database using 4G LTE high-speed cellular data transmission from  

T-Mobile-Sprint. The use of Qualcomm chipsets allows the device to operate on virtually any wireless carrier worldwide or over a Wi-Fi network. A hand-held device, with a generous touchscreen, the Vitals360® is the first and only device that can be used for Point-of-Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, and telehealth.

The VoCare platform leverages a single connected device to enable remote management of multiple chronic conditions. Vitals360® includes Telehealth and the following vital sign measurements: (1) Blood Pressure; (2) Pulse; (3) Pulse Oximetry; (4) Temperature, (5) Respiratory Rate, and (6) Electrocardiography (ECG). The Vitals360® device can also act as a  Bluetooth wireless hub to collect and transmit data from other devices such as scales. Vitals360® eliminates the need for additional external devices such as a tablet or phone. 

The Vitals360® provides connectivity with two options.

  1. HIPAA-compliant FDA Class I MDDS cloud-based Amazon (AWS) platform
  2. HIPAA compliant API connectivity to current data systems.

The Vitals360® responds to new Remote Patient Monitoring initiatives from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services by allowing patient healthcare data to be immediately measured and sent to any third-party cloud. Vitals360® is solution agnostic. Its Partner API makes it the ideal single device to complement existing care management solutions. VoCare offers EMR integration services via a strategic integration partner, Harris Healthcare to load patient data coming from the Vitals360®. 

The Vitals360® is an Android cellular device that provides the equivalent of the physician’s black bag in one sophisticated, portable, electronic package. The Vitals360® was custom built to meet the needs of organizations offering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth. RPM and Telehealth (RPMT) companies are VoCare’s primary customers. The Vitals360® simplifies logistics, reduces support costs, and minimizes the patient’s need for training. VoCare takes the worry out of integration, deployment, and maintenance.   

The Vitals360® is designed to meet the challenges faced by healthcare providers to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and improve the management of patients with multiple chronic conditions. The Vitals360® provides the tool necessary for healthcare providers to remotely monitor their patients and improve their health status while preventing expensive ER visits or more costly hospital stays. Physicians can also monitor patients with acute illnesses like COVID at home and admit them if they show signs of deterioration.