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Introducing Vitals360®

“Helping my aging parents from afar was a challenge, as both my parents live on the other side of the country and my mother’s health needs constant monitoring. All of the traditional ways of frequent weekly visits to her doctor and the cumbersome at-home measuring devices were simply not working, not to mention expensive. I made it my mission to create a better solution. Looking at my own experience and the real dynamics of today’s struggles of aging families, we also listened closely to the needs of health care providers. As a result, we created the VoCare Vitals360®. It solves the problem for both patients and providers alike.”

Vitals360® is the world’s first and only professional grade, hand-held, medical device providing a 6-in-1 vitals diagnostic and remote monitoring solution.

Steven R. Peabody

CEO & Chairman 

It’s like having a Portable Doctor’s Office in the home that will promote healthier and longer lives, while also significantly lowering costs and reducing the mounting pressure on today’s health care system.

Fast Facts: Vitals360® device

Measures 6 Key Vitals

Heart Rate

Blood Pressure


Blood Oxygen Saturation

ECG Heart Rhythms



4G Cellular 

WiFi Connectivity

Built-in Camera

Financing for providers for 3 years: $0 device and $49 per month

SIM Card Slot

USB Slot

Bluetooth Enabled

Video Connect to Conduct Telehealth Visits Right on the Device

Android Operating System

Easy Integration with EMRs and EHRs

Automatically Uploads to the Cloud

I am excited not only by the robust capability but even more so by how easy this product is to deploy. I can literally hand one to a patient in the office and that day they can be transmitting me the things I need to help manage common chronic conditions.

Ben H. Park MD, CEO of American Health Network

Ideal for use by home health care professionals and chronic care management for patients

First and only device that can be used for point-of-care and remote patient monitoring


The Vitals360® is the only multi-diagnostic device that can provide multiple readings as well as provide Wi-Fi and cellular 4G LTE connectivity.

A National Crisis

Baby Boomers Are Aging At An Alarming Rate




baby boomers are aging into Medicare daily

baby boomers will turn 70 years old this year 

baby boomers will be older than 50 years old this year 

Chronic Illnesses Are At An All Time High

A Broken System of “Invisible Patients”

Crippling Costs







133 million people in the United States have at least 1 chronic disease - that represents 45% of the American population today. 

Patients with chronic illnesses live their lives scheduled around inconvenient and frequent health care appointments. At-home measurement devices currently available in the market are not only cumbersome but cost prohibitive. Given these frustrations, many patients opt-out or skip appointments, leading to greater incidents of fatalities and emergencies. 

Today, nearly 5 million homebound individuals are living near the outside edge of the health care system who can not even access care due to physical limitations, chronic illness and/or poverty.

Typically, hospital stays cost $3,250/day for an average stay of 5 days. The average nursing home stay costs $225/day at an average of 825 days per stay. Rehab at home only costs $50/day. Cardiologists and other health care providers are overwhelmed with administrative Medicare and Medicaid submissions, manual reporting errors and mounting pressures including hospital re-admission penalties. Devices in the market today are bulky, unaffordable, and far too complicated for the chronically-ill patient at home needing regular monitoring.

The Solution

Blood Glucose

Blood Pressure

Pulse Oximetry

Provider Connect







and you’re done!

Vitals360®’s Versatility - 3 Modes

Point of Care Mode

Single Test Mode

Remote Patient Monitoring

Can be used by cardiologists and all other healthcare providers caring for many patients. It replaces multiple medical devices, making it ideal for care both inside and outside a health care facility.

Can be used to spot check patient vital signs, without the need for patient registration. It acts as a convenient multi-diagnostic device.

Can also be used as a daily remote monitoring tool for a single patient. Patients no longer need to keep track of multiple devices. It eliminates the need for cumbersome manual logging of their physiological data.  

Vitals360 - for PATIENTS

Care for Seniors

Chronic Care Management

For patients who suffer from diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, and other chronic illnesses. 

Patients conveniently taking their own measurements from the comfort of their home will do so more consistently and regularly.

Receiving the results in the device immediately empowers patients to change their behaviour, promoting greater overall health. 

Families may also have access to the data, and are reassured that their loved one’s vitals are being automatically sent to their health care provider for review.

Patients can even take the device wherever they may travel.

Patients and their families appreciate the fact that the Vitals360® acts as a security blanket for their loved one.

Today’s aging population is putting growing pressure on health care systems and resources across the country. Being able to monitor seniors while allowing them to continue living in their own homes and lower the need for frequent office visits will greatly improve the value in patient care.

Vitals360® - for PROVIDERS

Turn-Key Solution

Safer Post-Discharge Care

Chronic Care Management

Affordable device that provides reliable and relevant patient health information that is actually useful, without the need for separate peripherals or an external hub. The data collected is agnostic and fully customizable to a provider’s choice of software, alleviating information overload.

More and more, hospitals are under pressure to discharge patients quicker, sometimes at the cost of the patient’s health. Being able to monitor and keep track of these patients remotely once they have been discharged will ensure they continue their care plans and reduce chances for readmission – a scenario that is extremely costly to providers.

Being able to monitor patients remotely in between office visits will greatly promote patient autonomy, and alert the care provider when a change in care or intervention is required.

Vitals360® - for other STAKEHOLDERS

Chronically Ill Employees and Worker’s Compensation Cases

Trends Towards Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Medical Agencies and Payor Companies

Organizations that self-insure medical benefits for their employees are paying millions in medical bills to support chronically ill staff and those who may have been injured on the job. Being able to monitor their employees’ health will keep staff healthier, reduce sick leave, increase productivity and ensure those who are in rehabilitation stick to their care plans and return to work sooner.

The Vitals360®’s GPS location and time-stamping provide a superior audit trail for Medicare reimbursement, while also preventing and providing proof against fraudulent activity. The device’s ability to report measurable outcomes provides useful information for negotiating contracts, attracting more referrals, and adhering to clinical quality measures. 

National payer companies like Medicare and Medicaid are changing their approach to encourage more RPM practices to reduce costs and hospital visits. Physicians are now being reimbursed for RPM devices and services so that in-person visits are no longer required. Medicaid pays physicians, RNs (and gradually home health agencies) for delivering care through digital RPM devices such as Vocare’s Vitals360®.

Tech Specs

HIPAA Compliant (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act)

CTPRB certification on the Qualcomm Gobi Chipset (approved for all carriers)

Currently undergoing final stages seeking FDA-approval

Blood Glucose meter is already FDA approved

Qualcomm Incorporated is a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies

Size of The Market

Globally, the Home Health market is a $244.4 Billion dollar industry with a rate of growth of 7.8%

Global Health Care Costs are Unsustainable

700 Million


Rehab services account for 50% of Home Health need globally

Geriatric Population Globally

880 Million

805 Million

have Heart Disease, 28M in the USA

Diabetes Globally, 40M in the USA alone

2.3 Billion

210 Million

had at least one stroke, 7.4M USA

have Hypertension, 108M in USA

2.6 Billion

56 Million

have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 9M USA

have High Cholesterol, 39M USA

There has never been a more critical time for a device like this until now.

We are currently seeking up to $2 million in financing

Final FDA testing

Manufacturing and distributing Vitals360®

Ramp up marketing and sales team

Use of proceeds:

Go to market with Professional Device

Launch Consumer Device in 2020

List on a national exchange

Following this raise we plan to:

At VoCare, our mission as the world’s leading innovator of connected multi-functional diagnostic devices is to seamlessly support providers with actionable patient data in a manner that will increase efficiencies, reduce errors and improve patient care while lowering overall healthcare cost.

Steven R. Peabody CEO & Chairman of VoCare  

Investment Highlights

Massive underserved market

World's first and only patented all-in-one health monitoring solution

Perfectly timed with current trends toward home healthcare

No other similar device that can provide point-of-care benefits

Excellent business model - recurring revenues

Outstanding go-to-market partnerships

Ground floor opportunity to invest

Series A offering in 2010: 10 million raised in debt and equity

New Medicaid reimbursement incentives will no doubt drive even greater sales

Key Partnerships



$52.5M Projected Revenue, $30M in Earnings

Year 1

$175M Projected Revenue, $100M in Earnings

Year 2

The Investment Opportunity

At VoCare, we believe that home healthcare is the future of medicine. Our mission is to improve global health outcomes by providing a clinical grade multi-diagnostic, affordable and connected Medical Device to help reduce healthcare costs across the care continuum. Our purpose built solution can be used as a point of care device for the home health, remote patient monitoring and chronic care markets. We invite you to help us solve the crisis in home health care.

Join us to help millions of patients live longer, healthier lives by becoming an owner in VoCare and launching the Vitals360® device

Projections based on device sales only. There will also be recurring revenues from glucose strips, monthly wireless connectivity and data integration fees, adding significant additional revenue.

In partnership with GEMMS of the Harris Health Care Group, Vocare’s Vitals360® has already secured a 5-year agreement to distribute the device through Harris’ network of providers and hospitals within North America, Europe and Asia. GEMMS, of Harris Computer Systems, a subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc (CSU, TSE), has already provided millions in in-kind services and direct investment into the development of the device’s software portal and the interoperability of the product. Due to the VoCare and GEMMS partnership, no other product trying to enter this arena could have the same level of financial support, product expertise and knowledge know-how, as the work that has gone into development of the Vitals360® device. Constellation Software has a market cap of $21.5 Billion USD.

VoCare has also secured a partnership with Sinocare, a publicly traded company based in China with offices in the USA. The Vitals360® device will utilize Sinocare’s FDA-approved, high end blood glucose reader and test strips globally. Sinocare has also agreed to distribute the Vitals360® device through their existing global export distribution network in 135 countries worldwide, including the United States. Sinocare has a market cap of $1.5 Billion USD.

Target health professionals and home care agencies eligible for reimbursement by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) for remote patient monitoring in the home

The business model includes:

a one time charge for the device

recurring revenue for monthly service fee for wireless connectivity

recurring revenue from glucose strips

recurring revenue for monthly data integration fees

Business Model

Distribution will be processed entirely through the VoCare website, eliminating any expensive retail costs. Initial strategic plan will be focused on targeting health care providers first, and then following with a consumer facing product.

Business Valuation

In accordance with the Mercer Capital Medical Device Valuation and Scott Mason M&A Health Care Report for Medical Device Companies valuation methodologies, VoCare's Vitals350 would be valued as a minimum multiple of 15 times EBITDA.


(1 yr post FDA approval, assuming 20k device subscriptions)

= Year 1 Total Valuation:


(assuming 50K device subscriptions)

= Year 2 Total Valuation:


(assuming 100k subscriptions)

= Year 3 Total Valuation:

Product Roadmap & Projected Timeline

What People Are Saying

Vice President Operations - GEMMS, Harris HealthCare

Larry D. Grider

“The partnership between GEMMS of the Harris Healthcare Group and VoCare has been very strong, and we are certainly optimistic about the future together. GEMMS 25 years of expertise in managing and exchanging healthcare data within and across various organizations in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare and the Harris Healthcare Groups worldwide established markets has been combined with VoCare’s engineering and vision to create a unique RPM tool-one that will undoubtedly revolutionize the health care industry.”

Vice President for Home Services Unlimited

Todd Stallings

“The VoCare solution's versatility as a point-of-care device or as a remote patient monitoring solution is a disrupting force in the home healthcare market.”

Ph.D., Executive Vice President of GEMMS

Rodger P. Pinto

“The VoCare Vitals360® device along with GEMMS extensive experience in data management and interoperability will allow patient data to be captured easily from anywhere, at any time and sent in real time to providers.”

Medical Doctor and CEO of American Health Network

Ben H. Park MD

“You keep people out of the hospital and out of the emergency room, not by denying things. You do it increasing benefits, removing barriers and giving them better access to care to keep them well in the long-run. The Vitals360 device will play a significant role in achieving this.”

MD, MBA, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Mercy Health System

Deon W. Vigilance

“Technology is playing a major role in the current medical revolution. Most patients would rather receive their medical care in the privacy of their home, or at a time during the day that is most convenient for their schedule. As a result, patients are more frequently being cared for outside of a tradition medical facility. With that in mind, the Vital360 was designed around a new patient-focused care model. The Vital360 allows for a patient-provider partnership in caring for some of the costliest and most debilitating illness, including congestive heart failure, diabetes, emphysema/COPD, abnormal heart rhythms and hypertension. As the World’s first fully connected 6-in-1 medical device, the Vital360 is essential for remote patient monitoring and delivery of care in a very simple fashion.”

MD, Director of Hepatology, Indiana University School of Medicine

Raj Vuppalanchi

“Vocare’s Vitals 360 is an ideal device for specialists who manage patients with cirrhosis and complex medical needs. It is critical for a team-based health care delivery and would enable us to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care to our patients. It truly embraces the concept of a patient-centered medical home and enhance our ability to obtain maximal health outcomes. This approach is easily scalable to any other disorder with complex medical needs."

MD, OrthoIndy

Sanford S. Kunkel

“The Vitals 360 from Vocare is a revolutionary device both for monitoring general health conditions and also for post-operative care of patients. This device will allow physicians and physician surgeons to monitor patients and their conditions remotely via telemedicine. This could be a great cost savings to postoperative patients who have the obligation to travel several hours for a short five or 10 minute post-operative visit. The patient’s blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, body weight and condition of the operative site can all be monitored remotely.

The Neurovascular status and the condition of the patients dressing and real time instructions can be given to patients with the Vitals 360 device. This is a huge complement to today’s precision medicine.”

The beauty of this device is it's intuitive design. The integrated elegance of this platform allows for impressive improvement in healthcare delivery.

Anthony R. Zappia

 MD, General Surgery, Lakeland Florida

Board of Directors

Bringing a unique combination of health care and technology, the VoCare team comprises a powerful coalition of executives blending their expertise and successes.

CEO / Chairman of the Board

Steven R. Peabody

A visionary leader, executor, and strategist, with over 17 patents under his name. He has developed products from the idea stage to start up launch and all the way to achieve hyper accelerated growth, generating in excess of $250 million in revenue for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Physician Director

Deon W. Vigilance, MD, MBA

Cardiothoracic surgeon with an MBA who has received numerous honors and awards in his field. He received his Doctor of Medicine from the Pennsylvania State University and is passionate about medical technology and population health management.


John Coccimiglio

Successful leader with significant executive experience uniquely specialized in recurring revenue business organizations. He has an extensive background in the cellular industry and has now brought his wealth of knowledge to the integration of wireless technology with the rapid pace of change in the medical monitoring business. 

Senior Vice President Strategy

Robert Buckley

Seasoned executive leader with an extensive background in the communications and IT industries. He has a proven track record ofdriving results and generating revenue by developing and executing effectivego

to market strategies.

General Counsel

Scott R. Storms

Attorney with more than 20 years of experience focusing on corporate, environmental, and energy regulatory matters, with an extensive background in complex regulatory and business matters.

Senior Counsel

Mary F. Zappia

Well-respected and seasoned attorney with broad experience in litigating business and criminal matters, as well as representing individuals and business in legal and regulatory matters as part of an extensive legal practice.

Orthopedic Surgeon at OrthoIndy

Dr. Sanford Kunkel

A well-respected physician, educator, published author, consultant and independent NFL examiner, Dr. Kunkel has tremendous depth and range of experience in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, knee reconstruction and shoulder reconstruction. A member of numerous national medical organizations, Dr. Kunkel also served as the team physician for professional sports teams such as the Indiana Pacers and the Indiana Fever, from 1988 through 2006. He also served as the president of the NBA Team Physicians Society.

Members of the Board

President of SAW Capital LLC

Scott Weaver

Weaver is a venture capitalist with a highly impressive background. He began in tax consulting, and catapulted his career early by helping his firm become one of the largest companies in its field, eventually leading him to become one of the nation’s first non-degreed direct entry partners in a Big 12 accounting firm. Today as a VC, he has founded and sold successful startups and is now president of SAW Capital LLC. SAW’s portfolio companies include VoCare, Grocers Supply Company, GS Transportation LLC, and P2P Solutions, LLC., and numerous similar cutting-edge technology ventures. 


Anthony N. Akosa, MD, MBA

As a fully practising physician, Dr. Akosa bring a tremendously valuable viewpoint to the VoCare board by combining his board-certified, family practice viewpoint with his MBA background. Dr. Akosa is directly in touch with the patient experience in healthcare and he oversees corporate medical policy, population health management and practice transformation for HealthEC, serving on the Board 4 of Directors of Population Health Alliance (PHA). He previously served as VP of medical affairs for a provider-owned health plan organization providing managed care solutions. 

Global Source One (GSO)

James (Zhibo) Lu

Lu brings many years of experience in product/process development and quality management to VoCare’s Board of Directors. He established Global Source One (GSO), a multinational company that provides supply chain management for companies that need high quality products and competitive production solutions. Lu has also developed a number of qualified suppliers and affiliated factories in China to produce parts for many customers in the North American market, with products ranging from appliances, automotive, drilling, to general industries such as packaging and printing. 

CEO/Medical Director of Meridian Health Group

Dr. Gary Wright

Wright brings an extensive medical and entrepreneurial background to VoCare. In addition to his role at Meridian Health Group, Wright is also a Partner with the Indiana Surgery Center. Among other business initiatives, Wright developed a process which ended the outsourcing of physical therapy, instead bringing therapy “in-house”, which resulted in a dramatic increase in revenue. Wright was the principle founder of Summex, Inc., a firm that provided employee population health management services to employers, hospital systems, and managed care organizations. In 2006, Summex was sold to WebMD for over $30,000,000.

The Vocare Team

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