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Steven R. Peabody


Peabody is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of VoCare, Inc. Peabody is known for his entrepreneurial stewardship in product development and remarkable business savvy in the success of CMI – the engineering firm he acquired in 1992. Through the continuing use of new technology to streamline processes and develop new products, Peabody not only ensured that each business opportunity succeeded as a spin-off company, but also as one of the best in its respective field.

CMI has developed several hundred products for various Fortune 500 companies totaling over $250 million in revenue. Peabody has been singularly responsible for this achievement. He has also been personally involved in the product audits and certifications in the fields of: FCC; FDA; ICC; UL; ASTM; AGA; CGA; ICC; ISO9001; and TS9000.

Peabody used his vision combined with his management skill to build executive teams to turn product ideas from startups to dynamic growth companies. During his 17 years of leadership at CMI, Peabody exploited the full potential of international resources to substantially increase the capabilities of CMI as a product development company. Peabody designed, engineered, manufactured and marketed several proprietary products to a variety of industries and has received numerous awards. Peabody currently holds 17 U.S. patents under his name for a variety of products and exclusive designs. Peabody streamlined the company, by holding all the intellectual property and outsourcing manufacturing and other services, to transition easily into niche markets with new product ideas and keeping development at greatly reduced costs. He has established and still maintains numerous business relationships with a variety of high tech domestic and international manufacturers. Peabody is considered an authority on product development and has substantial expertise with supply chain management, including offshore manufacturing


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