When it comes to innovation, we live in an awesome time where it’s hard for most of us to keep up with all the new software, technology and so on that’s around us. We have finally taped into our strengths as human beings, in many different aspects of such advancements and to be honest, that is the tip of the iceberg. So, with that said, the Vitals360 is a device like no other, I’ll give you some facts about it below, showing what it can do and the advantages of having one.

Now take a look at our brand-new game changing product, the Vitals360, it brings many devices together into one. Now the reason I say many is simply because, I don’t want to limit its potential application possibilities. From a marketing perspective, it’s a 6 in 1 device and more, since you can add any device using Bluetooth as well.



Let me go on a tangent here, now if you look at how/what a smartphone works/does, is that it’s also an all-in-one device. So, does that mean that combining 6+ medical devices in one and on top of that, the functionalities of a cell phone, make the Vitals360 a smart medical device phone (SMDP for short, I guess?) or Smartphone medical device (Smartphone MD)?

Yeah, that’s exactly what that means, we’ve just made Tele (Health, Monitoring etc.) easier, more accessible for all.

So basically, from now on, you can say that Dr. Vitals360 MD is ready to see you.


What makes this a defining moment in our lives as well as the medical device world is that we can now have peace of mind for our loved one’s health, even though we’re not always around to care for them, since the medical professionals caring for them will have the right tool in their belts to get the diagnosis right from a simple visit with Dr. Vitals360 MD.

Again, this is just a play on words but having the right tool in this day in age, makes all the difference. It can make the difference between a long hospitalization/visit or just a few hours spent with medical professionals taking care of your well-being.



You might be asking yourselves; how will this particular device help me? Put your feet in the shoes of those who have/need constant medical attention, have to meet their doctors/medical professionals on a daily or weekly basis. Also, those who are mostly forgotten, the family or loved ones caring for such individuals, it is extremely time consuming. Especially when having to drive them to the doctor’s office every few days.

Now imagine having a medical professional visiting you at home or having your loved ones make the required vitals checks, uploading them to the cloud, having your Doctor check the results and being as secure with the diagnosis as if you were there in person? Sound interesting?


Well, it just goes to say that also in Covid-19 times, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, you will get the same treatment you should be getting in no time flat.

Welcome to VoCare innovative thinking, we’re here for you, 24/7/365.


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