With the integrated reporting tools, you can design and save a report, run it once, run it again, or schedule it to run automatically at a designated time.

To create a report, you would:

  • Select “All Patients” or check off the patients you want information on.
  • Select the reading data you would like included in the report.
  • Select a date range or time frame you would like use for the report.
    • If you are setting up a report for automation purposes you can select “since last run” to limit data to information collected since the last time the report was run.
  • Select “One time” or “Scheduled Task”.
    • Selecting a One-time run will allow you to download the results through our browser.
    • Selecting Scheduled Task will drop the report on our Secure FTP server where you can download the report later.
    • The system will maintain any reports on the SFTP server for only seven (7) days and then the report is automatically deleted.
  • Select the format of the report, printable or in HL7 XML format.
  • Give your report a name and then click the Save/Execute button.

Once you have created a report you can go to your list of reports and re-run it as often as you like.

If you create a scheduled task report that drops the report on our Secure FTP server you can create automation within you systems to grab the data and pull it into your EMR system or save the reports in a designated area of your network.

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