Trend to home-based care promises massive and lucrative shift in health sector

Trend to home-based care promises massive and lucrative shift in health sector

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the VoCare Vitals360. We are sharing some relevant industry news for your consideration below.

A recent article in Home Healthcare News highlighted that when it comes to health care, “there’s almost nothing that won’t eventually move into the Home.”  With an aging U.S. senior population, increased health care spending and the preference of seniors to receive care in their home, the article states that the next major shift into the home may be the hospital itself.

“The concept of the hospital at home is now 20-plus years old,” said Scott Powder, chief strategy officer of Advocate Aurora Health, Wisconsin’s largest home care organization. “What [organizations] couldn’t figure out was how to scale it. They were putting expensive doctors in cars driving around. That … is incredibly ineffective.”

New-found Telemedicine capabilities and other technological advancements are solving some of the pain points, he said. Doctors, for example, no longer have to physically travel into the home in every instance.  “If you’ve got a five-to-seven year outlook of your investment, [hospital at home] is a good place to be putting money right now,” Powder said. You can view the entire article here.

As we covered in a recent post, together with the announced CPT codes that came into effect January 2019, these trends will only help to accelerate the proliferation of Telehealth platforms like the VoCare Vitals360.

The Vitals 360 is a Medical Grade remote patient monitoring/point of care device that collects and transmits critical health data anywhere at any time. As such, the Vitals360 device will represent a tremendous value to health care providers that can immediately improve patient care by utilizing patient data to provide better outcomes at lower costs, while immediately utilizing the new revenue stream approved by CMS.  The Vitals360 also provide tremendous value to patients in the form of an easy to use, fully mobile, all in one, diagnostic device that fits in your pocket.

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