The VITALS360® Device

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The Vitals360® is used primarily by mobile healthcare clinicians as a complete turnkey Point-of-Care (POC) solution, as well as a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution. This makes it the most versatile and economical tool in the mobile workforce toolkit.

VoCare’s Vitals360® is the only device which provides comprehensive mobile remote patient telehealth monitoring utilizing ONE advanced professional medical grade monitoring device, which also acts as its own stand-alone wireless hub, thus eliminating the need for an additional external device such as a hub or tablet/phone for transmission of key clinical information. 

The Vitals360® device can be connected to all major wireless carriers worldwide and Wi-Fi to allow it to be used at home, facilities and other institutions. The Vitals360® combines 6 medical peripherals into a single hub that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The VoCare® platform leverages one connected device to not only empower management of conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and hypertension, but also to provide a complete vitals platform for key clinical indicators such as:

Blood Pressure


Blood Glucose




Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG)

Pulse Oximetry

There is a provider portal as well as access to a patient/family portal when using the Vitals360®Cloud in conjunction with the device.

Clinicians see value in this 6-in-1 device with Point of Care (POC) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) capabilities through its ability to be utilized in EVERY situation. There are three (3) distinct modes for maximum versatility.

Single Test Mode

This mimics standard medical devices. The Vitals360® can be used by any clinician without patient registration, as a convenient multi-diagnostic device for spot-checking.


Point-of-Care Mode

This mode can be used by clinicians caring for multiple patients. In this mode, the Vitals360® can replace a number of medical devices, making it ideal for care both inside and outside of an office or facility.

Other medical devices require manual entry of data, but the Vitals360® can be linked to either the HIPAA-compliant VoCare® Cloud via 4G LTE cellular and by Wi-Fi connectivity. Patient data can be automatically uploaded after every use.

Additionally, the Vitals360’s® GPS location and time-stamping provide a superior audit trail for Medicare reimbursement.


Remote Patient Monitoring

This is a daily monitoring tool for a single patient. The Vitals360® is simple enough for any patient to use on his or her own, remotely providing a picture of a patient’s overall health. Patients no longer must keep track of multiple devices, nor do they have to do cumbersome manual logging of their vital information.

In Remote Mode, patients can use the Vitals360’s® video feature to conduct convenient telehealth visits right on the device.

The Vitals360® also connects to optional Fall Detection, Daily Activity Tracker, and smart scale peripherals for an even more detailed picture of a patient’s health.

The benefits of clinical-grade Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Point of Care (POC) are well suited to offering the foundation of a technical solution that would help to address the core challenges to the US Healthcare system to reduce the cost of healthcare without sacrificing quality.

VoCare also reduces the number of clinic visits and hospitalizations, and the duration of hospital stays, which benefits chronically ill elderly patients for whom traveling long distances may be a concern. This also reduces the burden on the healthcare workforce.

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