We had the opportunity to run a small pop-up clinic in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala, which has a population of 13,595 and sets at 7,200 feet above sea level. 85% of its population is of Maya origin, and more than 90% of town residents speak the Maya Kaqchikel language. 76.8% of inhabitants are classified as poor and 19.5% as extremely poor.

Over 10 days at the small medical clinic, we saw about 70 patients per day, consisting of adult and pediatric patients with a myriad of diagnoses.

Using the Vitals360 device in point of care mode, we measured blood pressure, glucose, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate, and ECG measurements when appropriate, and using the Harris 360 Cloud Class I MDDS, we transmitted the measurements to Indianapolis in real-time using the cellular 4G LTE for internet connectivity when a consultation was needed.

The Vitas360 device will always be part of my teams’ equipment in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, or other remote underserved areas where healthcare is needed.