Vitals360® Improving Efficiency

No need for separate peripheral devices, when each vital can be captured on a
single professional grade medical device.

VoCare Is A Medical Device Company Based In The United States

The Vitals360 device has been through rigorous clinical trials ending in FDA certification. The device securely transfers all data to your data center or hosted cloud storage via an easy to use API

Measures 6 key vitals. It´s like having a portable doctor´s office in the home or anywhere

Heart Rate

Blood Pressure

Blood Oxygen

ECG Heart Rhythms


(Not available in the USA)

Centralized Connected Hub

A single solution that eliminates the need to
deploy multiple diagnostic instruments
connected to a hub or other device.

Major Components Made in the U.S.A.


Remote patient monitoring and telehealth

Our Vision

To weave a web of family, friends, and health care professionals around people with chronic illness so they can live better, happier lives and never feel they are alone.

VoCare is the nexus of caring that makes this possible.

Read more about our philosophy here

The VoCare Device

is purpose built from the ground up
to be an optimal solution for remote
patient monitoring and telehealth.

VoCare solves your “tele” problems – all of them…


  • One device
  • User training – See video
  • Connected, activated and ready to use
  • User friendly
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Scalable {1 to 1 M, Cloud infrastructure {AWS}


  • LTE {Global Coverage Map} T-Mobile, Sprint World Wide
  • WiFi {when LTE is not available}
  • Cloud Integration services through partners, including Application Programming Interfaces (API), an FDA listed Class I Medical Device Data System (880.6310) as well as custom solutions to provide a device and platform that allows our customers to define and deliver solutions for their respective space of influence.


  • Nothing to download
  • One click connection

Remote monitoring

  • Nothing to download
  • On device software maintained by VoCare
  • What we monitor: Pulse, Oximetry, Blood Pressure, EKG, Temperature, Weight, Finger stick glucose coming


  • To Family
  • To Nurse Case Manager

Video Conferencing

  • In Remote Mode, patients can use the Vitals360’s® video feature to conduct convenient telehealth visits right on the device.


Pick your VoCare approved Global solution provider and your organization can be providing VoCare services within days.

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