How does the VoCare Vitals V360 Mobile Vital Signs Monitor Operate?

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6 Key Vital
Signs Monitor

Professional Grade Mobile Vital Signs Monitor

This FDA approved Six Key Vital Signs Monitor measures Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Temperature, Blood Pressure, ECG Heart Rhythms, and Glucose (Strips not approved in the USA). The VoCare Vitals V360 solves your “tele” problems – all of them… The Vitals360® vital signs monitor is designed to support remote health and skilled nurse care with simple access to patient records and treatment programs. A low cost remote patient monitor mobile device that easy to operate, manage and maintain.

A critical tool to leverage in delivering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Tele-health, or Point of Care solutions in your respective markets. With Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, healthcare providers can remotely capture key clinical vital sign measurements from a single device that is self-contained and can directly upload the data by way of the cloud into the providers clinical information system.

Detect, Measure Pulse Rate

Heart Rate Monitor

Blood Oxygen Levels

Blood Oxygen Monitor

Measure Body Temperature

Temperature Monitor

Blood Pressure Readings

Blood Pressure Monitor

Record Heart Rhythm, Rate and Electrical Activity

ECG Heart Monitor

Measure High Blood Sugar

Glucose Monitor

VoCare solves your “tele” problems

all of them…


Point of Care

  • This mode can be used by clinicians caring for multiple patients. In this mode, the Vitals360 vital signs monitor replaces a number of separate medical devices, making it ideal for care both inside and outside of an office or facility.

  • Unlike other medical devices that require manual entry of data, the Vitals360 patient monitors can be linked directly to the HIPAA-compliant VoCare Cloud via 4G LTE cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow patient monitor data to be automatically uploaded after every use.

  • Additionally, the Vitals360’s GPS location and time-stamping provide a superior audit trail for Medicare reimbursement.

Remote Health

  • Nothing to download

  • On-device software maintained by VoCare

  • What we monitor: Pulse, Oximetry, Blood Pressure, EKG,

  • Temperature, and Weight (device also measures blood glucose-not yet approved in the United States).

  • In Remote Mode, patients can use the Vitals360’s® video feature to conduct convenient tele-health visits right on the device.

  • Lone worker monitoring with GPS and WiFi tracking capability..


  • One Vital Signs Device

  • User training – See videos

  • Connected, activated and ready to use

  • User friendly

  • Reliable

  • Secure

  • Scalable (1 to 1 M, Cloud infrastructure) (AWS).


  • Nothing to download

  • One-click connection

  • Supports all major video conference services.


  • LTE (Global Coverage Map) T-Mobile, World Wide

  • WiFi (when LTE is not available)

  • Cloud Integration services through partners, including Application Programming Interfaces (API), an FDA listed Class I Medical Device Data System (880.6310) as well as custom solutions to provide a device and platform that allows our customers to define and deliver solutions for their respective space of influence.

The Vitals360®
Vital Signs Monitor

The Vitals360® vital signs monitor device is designed to support remote patient healthcare needs surrounding easy access to patient’s care team, including easy to manage and low cost remote patient monitoring. Automatic alert notification capability for messaging to the care team, when patient vitals being monitored fall outside of expected ranges; this available functionality provides families peace of mind regarding their loved one’s care.

VoCare’s Vitals360® is the world’s first vital signs device to provide mobile tele-health remote patient monitoring capability in ONE advanced professional vital signs monitoring device. The Vitals V360 can acts as its own stand-alone wireless hub (thus eliminating the need for an additional external device such as a tablet or phone).

The Vitals360® device can be connected to all major wireless carriers worldwide. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities allow for easy connectivity utilizing a cloud based tele-medicine platform solution to collaboratively manage a patient’s healthcare information. For providers with an existing EMR/EHR system, VoCare offers integration services to load captured patient data coming from the Vitals360® Device.

The Vitals360® device combines 6 medical peripherals into a single hub that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Vitals measured are Blood Pressure Monitor, Temperature Monitor, ECG Monitor, Weight, Blood Glucose Levels, and Blood Oxygen Monitor.

Being able to monitor patients remotely in between office visits will greatly promote patient autonomy, and alert the care provider when a change in care or intervention is required.

More and more, hospitals are under pressure to discharge patients quicker, sometimes at the cost of the patient’s health. Being able to monitor and keep track of these patients remotely once they have been discharged will ensure they continue their care plans and reduce chances for readmission – a scenario that is extremely costly to providers

ital signs (also known as vitals) are a group of the four to six most important medical signs that indicate the status of the body’s vital (life-sustaining) functions. These measurements are taken to help assess the general physical health of a person, give clues to possible diseases, and show progress toward recovery.

Want to see more? Check out the Quick Guide for how the device works.

  • Baby Boomers are Aging at an Alarming Rate
  • Chronic Illnesses are at an All Time High
  • A Broken System of “Invisible Patients” stemming from lack of access
  • Crippling healthcare Costs

Real time data transfer and instant


  • Post-Hospital Discharge

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • COVID-19

  • Worksite Emergency Care

  • Home Healthcare

  • Government Healthcare

  • Telehealth Services

  • Health Screenings

  • Corrections Facilities

  • Transportation & Entertainment

  • Industries

  • Geographically Remote Locations


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The Vocare Vitals V360 state-of-the-art technology is the champion of our value-based healthcare.

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Six Vital Signs, Mobile with Accurate Reads. Also, Easy to Operate, Connect and Clean. VoCare support is second to none.

VP, Medical Device Distributor

All these professional tools in one portable package. The telehealth quality is good. Simple to use and it works with Team, Skype, Zoom and Google, Amazing.

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