VoCare V360 Vital Signs Monitor Video Tutorials

Introduction to the Vitals V360 Vital Signs Monitor Device Operational Features

The Vitals V360 Vital Signs Monitor Two-step Process. Clean and Disinfect.

VoCare V360

VoCare V360 Vital Signs Monitor Device Operation

Select Patient Monitor Test Modes

Learn how a Healthcare Provider selects one of the three V360 Vital Signs Monitor test operating modes: Single, Multi-test and Share or Test and Share

Blood Pressure Monitor Levels

Find out how the Blood Pressure Monitor test operates for differences when Lying Down, Standing Up, And Sitting.

SP02 Blood Oxygen Monitor

Determine how the Blood Oxygen Monitor captures measurement of oxygen saturation of arterial blood with a pulse oximeter reading

Temperature Monitor

Discover how to easy the V360 Vital Signs Monitor measures forehead temperature. Temperature Monitor measurement is automatic when the device is placed on the forehead.

ECG Heart Rate Monitor

Learn how Handheld ECG Heart Rate Monitor enables qualified medical personnel to quickly spot-check for a irregular heartbeat during a primary assessment. Anytime, Anywhere

Glucose Monitor

The VITALS360® Blood Glucose Monitor high blood sugar test function and can also send blood glucose data entered manually.

Bluetooth Weight Scale

The VITALS360® Vital Signs Monitor can be used together with a Bluetooth Weight Scale. In this case, the user has the option to measure the patient’s weight using the Bluetooth Weight Scale.