It’s all about keeping your family safe.

Whether you are a patient with a chronic condition or just want to ensure the health of your parents or loved ones, the Vitals360 addresses your needs. The Vitals360 is a professional grade 6 in 1 diagnostic device that eliminates the need for various different medical devices, making the automatically recorded collection of vitals quick and easy.

The multifunction Vitals360 device eliminates the need for bulky peripherals and manual record-keeping. This technologically advanced device automatically uploads 6 healthcare readings to VoCare’s HIPAA compliant Cloud where clinicians and designated family/friends can retrieve data to ensure the health and safety of the patient/loved one. In addition, GPS and time-stamping features ensure patient and loved ones alike that the patient is receiving care at the time it is needed.

Clinicians recognize that the Vitals360 is a valuable remote patient monitoring tool that improves patient outcomes while reducing costly patient readmissions. Patients and their families appreciate the fact that the Vitals360 acts as a security blanket for their loved one.