VitalTelemetrics and Vocare Announce Strategic Partnership to Address the
Access to Healthcare Challenges

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The VitalTelemetrics and Vocare strategic partnership will address the challenges in getting access to healthcare services in rural areas, hospice care, the Department of Corrections, and

ASHBURN, Va. (PRWEB) February 15, 2023 — VitalTelemetrics, a data-driven health and wellness company announces a strategic partnership with Vocare, a health monitoring company to bring a state-of-the-art health and wellness solution to the market. The joint solution from VitalTelemetrics and Vocare will address the challenges in getting access to healthcare services in rural areas, hospice care, the Department of Corrections, and education.

The joint solution will help reduce the time needed to bring the individuals together with the health and wellness professionals and will provide help in addressing the health access and equity issues that some of our communities regularly face. This solution will also provide near Realtime access to healthcare data to individuals seeking health and wellness services and their providers via a secure portal with proper consent. In corrections and education, this solution will help with the quick triaging of chronic care conditions that might need immediate notification to internal or other healthcare professionals to provide immediate attention and care needed to improve the healthcare situation and reduce liability. Most importantly this solution is aligned with value-based care, healthcare interoperability, and access to health records for patients and their healthcare service providers.

Ashwini Jarral, Chief Executive Officer at VitalTelemetrics said, “We are excited about our strategic partnership with Vocare, the leader in providing IoT-based healthcare solutions using state-of-the-art technology. Through this partnership, which provides the use of combined services and a solution, we can bring a cost-effective answer to address the problem of bridging the gap between individuals and healthcare professionals. As part of our approach to bring telemetry-based solutions and other datasets that include patient consent, this partnership improves the capability to proactively manage an individual’s health and wellness and gives them the value-based treatment or program they deserve.”

“The pandemic has created a significant demand for virtual care delivered remotely to relieve hospital visits.
All the while, nurse staffing shortages have created a demand for solutions that allow caregivers to be more productive. The VoCare partnership with VitalTelemetrics leverages “best of class” technology and industry experience to implement solutions that truly improve people’s lives – whether it is through supplementing the skills of physicians or first responders with tools to more efficiently manage ever-increasing workloads, or by empowering patients and care providers to better manage chronic disease in the home. A medical technology solution is 30% technology innovation and 70% implementation of organizational change. The combined collaboration of VitalTelemetrics and VoCare presents a unique industry-leading team for caregiver and patient success,” Scot Kane, VoCare, Inc., Chief Executive Officer.

VitalTelemetrics provides data-driven health and wellness solutions to bring access to healthcare for individuals anywhere and at any time. Our mission is to leverage telemetry-based data to bring healthcare solutions to individuals everywhere to address their health and well-being. For more information about VitalTelemetrics, visit

VoCare, Inc. is a technology company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. VoCare manufactures, distributes, integrates, and supports, theVitals360®, the world’s first global cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled, multi-function device to monitor and obtain multiple patent vital signs and instantly transmit this information to healthcare providers. The Vitals360® captures six biometric readings: electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, body weight, and glucose. The device can serve as a smartphone that conducts a video chat between the user and a caregiver. The medical device is FDA 510K Class II approved with ISO 13485 Certification. The Vitals360 solution is offered as a medical device with a management portal to medical remote health professionals, point-of-care facilities, and value-added resellers worldwide.

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