Multiple benefits for Medical Providers.

The trend of reimbursement reduction is real and agencies must improve the value of services provided. VoCare allows agencies to adapt to changes in payment models while increasing efficiency by:

  1. Streamlining clinical workflows, allowing clinicians to treat patients faster and achieve better outcomes.
  2. Providing the tools necessary to allow agencies to fully capture how time is spent and how it can be reduced while improving patient outcomes.

Fraud Prevention

As fraud cases continue to surface, healthcare agencies are forced to prevent and provide proof against fraudulent activity by:

  1. Verifying clinical decisions.
  2. Enforcing standards of care.
  3. Providing validation of care provided.

The Vitals360 device provides a comprehensive electronic audit trail for Medicare, which includes GPS and time stamping.

Risk Mitigation

For many agencies, risks may be created due to common mistakes and oversights. The Vitals360 mitigates this risk by:

  1. Automatically capturing the time that clinicians or aides are with the patient.
  2. Verifying that services were provided.
  3. Providing ease of scheduling.

Reporting Measurable Outcomes

Payers of all types are changing requirements for reimbursement while focusing on patient outcomes. To address these issues the Vitals360 allows providers to utilize “real-time” data to demonstrate an improved quality of care and cost-effective patient outcomes. This information can be used to negotiate payer contracts, attract more referrals and help in meeting clinical quality measures associated with the CMS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) & Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

Keeping Clinicians Mobile and Productive

Keeping clinicians productive means home health agencies must empower them to move freely and without impediment. The Vitals360 increases productivity while helping to retain clinicians.

Helping Clinicians become More Efficient Utilizing an Easy to Use Interface

Utilizing the Vitals360 improves the clinician’s ability to care for patients. It is easy to use by both clinicians and patients which leads to consistent usage and improved outcomes. The Vitals360 has a simple to use interface for a point-of-care and/or remote patient monitoring solution that will empower clinicians and patients alike to intuitively navigate the system.

The Vitals360 allows clinicians to:

  1. Treat more effectively with a real-time understanding of patient progress.
  2. Plan their day and adjust schedules on the go.
  3. Save time by eliminating unnecessary trips to the office.
  4. Avoid lost documentation.
  5. Get work done easier and faster.
  6. Focus on caring for patients instead of navigating the software.

Ensuring Quality and Patient Safety

VoCare recognizes that keeping the focus on patient safety is a critical responsibility for home health agencies. As post-acute patients are displaying increasing co-morbidities, agencies must implement a solution that allows them to span the continuum, understand history at-a-glance and focus on patients.

Span the Continuum

The Vitals360 device provides advanced technology that spans the continuum of care. This allows clinicians to gain a thorough understanding of the patient by following their journey and reviewing healthcare documentation through various care settings.

Understand History At-a-Glance

By utilizing the Vitals360 across care settings, the care team has the ability to quickly understand a patient’s healthcare needs from a holistic standpoint, not just the time they started with home care services. This historical knowledge allows clinicians to tailor a care plan to the patient’s exact needs.

Focus on Patients Gives both Clinicians and Patients Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, clinicians choose the healthcare field because they want to help patients. A streamlined solution gives clinicians peace of mind because they know that the care team had visibility into the entire patient record and treated them accordingly.

Post-acute care clinicians that use a streamlined solution will give patients the comfort of knowing their physicians, nurses, and therapists understand their case. Plus, patients that must return to previous settings due to complications will benefit from simple, easy transition

The Patient Record

Traditionally, healthcare clinicians have kept patient records per setting. As post-acute care is changing, clinicians are diversifying to offer services in multiple settings. As such, there is a need for patient records to be patient-centric instead of setting-centric to allow clinicians, patients, and their families to have a complete picture of the case regardless of care setting. The Vitals360 answers this need.