JUNE 4, 2021


Indiana-based VoCare, Inc. has announced FDA Clearance of its Vitals360® medical monitoring device. This is the world’s first professional-grade, global cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, multi-vitals device. TheVitals360® collects vitals in real-time using an API that uploads readings into any user’s cloud.

The Vitals360® is an Android cellular device providing the equivalent of the physician’s black bag in one sophisticated, portable, electronic package. Vitals360® was custom built to meet the needs of organizations offering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth. RPM and Telehealth (RPMT) companies are VoCare’s primary customers. The Vitals360® simplifies logistics, reduces support costs and minimizes the patient’s need for training. VoCare takes the worry out of integration, deployment and maintenance. VoCare’s CEO Steven R. Peabody states that: “The Vitals360® device improves patient care while reducing costs and is poised to revolutionize Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth through its unique ability to provide real-time patient vitals to their healthcare provider.”

As healthcare moves from pay-for-activity to pay-for-value, risk-bearing entities must intervene to prevent the deterioration in their patients to circumvent expensive ER visits or even more costly hospital stays. Organizations are also sharpening focus to better manage the costliest patients with multiple chronic conditions. Vitals360® is the tool they will use as they tackle these problems.

To learn more visit VoCare.com.

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